thumb|300px|rightYou'll Always Find Your Way Back Home is a song from the Hannah Montana: The Movie (Soundtrack).


You wake up, it's raining and it's Monday

Looks like, it's one of those rough days.

Time's up, you're late again so get out the door (out the door)

Sometimes, you feel like running

Find a whole new life and jump in

Let's go, get up and hit the dance floor

But when the lights go down it's the ending of the show

And you're feeling like you've got nowhere to go

Don't you know

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes

You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes

You can say goodbye and you can say hello

But you'll always find your way back home

You can change your style, you can change your jeans

You can learn to fly and you can chase your dreams

You can laugh and cry but everybody knows

That you'll aways find your way back home

Your best friends, Your little hometown

Waiting up wherever you go now

You know that you can't always turn around

Cause this world is big and it's crazy

And this girl is thinking a maybe

This life is what some people dream about (dream about)

Cause when I'm feeling down and I'm all alone

I've always got a place where I can go

'Cause I know

Yeah they know exactly who you are

Where the real you is the superstar

You know it's never too far away

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