The Stewart Ranch Home is the ranch in California where the Stewart Family resides. The family moved into the house on the first episode of Season 4. They moved in this house from the Stewart Malibu Home. There is a very interesting fact about this house. After when the shooting of Hannah Montana was done and Miley Cyrus had to move out, the Good Luck Charlie cast moved in! Which means, that the Stewart Ranch Home is the same as the Good Luck Charlie house!


Living room

The living room of the house.

Unlike the last house, the ranch home is not located on the beach. The ranch home is much larger than the beach house. The main room contains a sitting area that has a large leather sectional sofa. Behind the seating area is an elevated platform that holds musical instruments. These include several guitars and a keyboard. Adjacent to the platform and the sitting area is a staircase. Beside the staircase sits the infamous "leg table."

The kitchen and dining room are next to the living room. The kitchen contains a wood-burning stove and two ovens. Cabinets surround the kitchen, with an island present in the center of the room. The dining room table sits to the left of the kitchen area.

There are two barns outside. One is a barn for Miley's horse Blue Jeans. The other serves as Miley and Lilly's room. The room contains two beds, a chandelier, and other pieces of furniture. The Hannah closet is behind a vanity located near Lilly's bed. There is a sitting area outside of the barns that contains a fire pit.

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