Pancake Buffalo

"Pancake Buffalo" (Victor Yerrid-puppeteer/Sara Paxton-voice) Beloved puppet star of the local Malibu kids series "The Pancake Buffalo Show." Adored by generations of "Buffalo Buddies" over the years, his is the only Street Diamond ever to be moved.

Raised on his songs and advice about childhood and adolescence, Oliver and Lilly seem to share extremely fond memories of watching his show together--feelings Tennesee-born Miley does not possess. However, offstage his puppeteer, Cindy Merriwether (Edie McClurg), clearly seems insane. She schemes to switch Pancake's dismal Street Diamond location with Hannah Montana's by playing on the childhood nostalgic fondness of her show by Hollywood Parade of Street Diamonds Committee Chairman, Randall Harrison (Michael Boatman). She is successful, but ultimately a porta-john is placed directly over the newly moved Diamond much to Miley's astonished joy. Pancake is later seen "occupying" the stall, and shooing away anyone who wishes to make use of it.


Hannah in the Street with Diamonds


Pancake: No!

Pancake: Does Anyone else want a piece of me?!

Haley Rivard: I dare to.

Lilly and Oliver: And when I get that uh-oh feeling I know where to go! The potty, the potty...


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