Mateo Suaveis is Rico's brother on the show. He is rarely mentioned, and first appeared in "I Will Always Loathe You" when he auditioned to play Rico in the Rico's Shack commercial.

He was rejected by Rico for not "having the right look." Oliver claimed him to look close enough to him to be his brother, where Mateo then revealed he was. He was later mentioned by Rico in "Yet Another Side of Me" when Rico attempted to name off his few friends. It is hinted that Mateo is suing him, which was the reason behind many other of Rico's friends going unnamed. He also appeared in "Cheat It" when Rico tricked Robbie Ray into letting his friends and family use Robbie's steam room with the 'Friends and Family Discount.'

Mateo Suave

Mateo in "I Will Always Loathe You"

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