Making My Way Back Home
Season 4, Episode 6
Air Date August 22, 2010
Guest cast Christine Taylor
Drew Roy
Previous It's The End Of Jake As We Know It
Next Love That Lets Go


Miley and her father plan to have a "father-daughter day" but the event keeps getting postponed for various reasons. She promises Robby that they will have a "father-daughter day" the next day. Later that afternoon, Miley and Lilly go to pier and Miley sees Jesse, a boy who she had recently fallen in love with in He Could Be the One as Hannah. Through her usual bumbling self, she plans a date with Jesse at the same time as her father-daughter day.

When Miley tries to speak with Robby about the father-daughter day, she ends up not having a plan or a scheme and instead directly tells the truth. The plan backfires when Robby Ray gets very upset with her for constantly putting off such a simple afternoon of father-daughter bonding. Miley storms off while Robby Ray fumes in the kitchen.

While having a picnic with Miley, Jesse's phone rings. Miley is upset that Jesse would rather talk to his father than be with her. But her tone changes when she learns his father is deployed in Afghanistan. She then apologizes to Robby, and ultimately plans a Hannah Montana concert for the families of soldiers stationed overseas. During the concert, a montage of photos of members of the U.S. military of all branches is shown on a screen behind Miley/Hannah.


  • This episode can also be known as "Been Here All Along."
  • This was Jesse's second appearance.
  • Hooah!, Jesse's ringtone, is the battle cry the United States Army. It is commonly used for acknowledgements, answering yes, and motivation among other things.
  • Based on the idea that Miley date with Jesse took place in the afternoon, which could be anywhere from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm, the time in Afghanistan would be between 1:30 am to 5:30 am or 6:30 am (based on Kabul time). While that would be very late for a soldier to stay up that late to place a call to family in the United States, it is not unheard of and is in fact very common.
  • This is the episode where Jesse found out about Miley's secret.

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