This article refers to a poem Rico writes for Lilly in the episode B-B-B-Bad to the Chrome after Oliver forgets their 100-day-a-versary. Lilly got mad at Oliver because of this so he started having a negative attitude while working for Rico so Rico started losing customers, he quit his job. Rico liked Oliver's previous "Mr Happy" attitude because it earned him lots of money and Oliver was a good employee. In order to get him back Rico wrote this poem for Lilly to get her to stop being mad at Oliver and signed it with Oliver's name. Lilly goes to Rico saying: "Rico, have you seen Oliver? Or should I say the most wonderful ,beautiful, sensitive guy in the whole world!" holding the poem and Rico acts like he doesn't know what's happening. He then reads the poem with Lilly imitating him behind his back. Lilly and Oliver get back together.


Lilly, my soul, my life, my love.

My angel sent from heaven above.

Without you near my heart is broken.

Best regards,

Oliver Oaken

  • Lilly as Rico reads his poem
  • Lilly hugs Oliver saying she forgives him
  • Rico shows Oliver how it was him that wrote it
  • "You?"
  • Lilly gets mad because Oliver forgot

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