Family Story refers to a song sung by Jackson And Rico which appears in the He Could Be the One episode.


Tonight you're gonna hear a special story
A popstar and her fight for love and glory
We wish it was a little bit more gory
But they said we had to tell a family story
In the tale we tell not everything is fair
And someone gets some news they cannot bear
You blow the end i'll kick your derriere
Ok, Ok the story starts in there, in there, in there, in there, in there

First miley had a guy who she had to hide
then her daddy said ok and she was satisfied
then jesse came and acted cool
and miley turned into a fool
a fool for love
she needs help from above!
now jesse's here, and so is jake
but which one will she choose before she makes a huge mistake
jake is cute as he can be
but jesse drips of mystery
who will she choose which guy will win which guy will lose hey hey!

Men are useless yes its true
i'm a man and so are you
don't ask us stuff 'cause we're always wrong
and we dont even know how to end this song

She was in love with both guys!
but she had to choose
which meant the other would lose
she was in love with both guys
and then she listened to her heart
and then you know it helped her pick the right guy

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