Colin Lasseter

General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Television personality
Series Information
First seen: Smells Like Teen Sellout
Last seen: Kiss It All Goodbye
Portrayer: Michael Kagan

Colin Lasseter (Michael Kagan) host of "The Real Deal" (a call-in television talkshow). He has a distinctive scraggly voice, is a devoted husband, and admittedly has "the bladder of a kitten". He is an avid supporter of the United People's Relief Fund Charity, which he promotes on his show, and serves as a host in many of their events. Despite her various antics on his show, Colin remains very fond of "America's Songbird" Hannah Montana.

His seemingly innocuous questions often cause Miley to rethink her duplicitous actions as Hannah. It has been speculated that Lasseter may be based on Larry King. Colin Lasseter first interviews Hannah promoting her new perfume, O-Wow, which she secretly detests. As they uncomfortably discuss the topic of lying, Lasseter admits to profuse sweating when he does so, which a guilty Hannah promptly imitates ("Smells Like Teen Sellout"). He interviews both Hannah and newcomer Mikayla to publicize the United People's Relief Fund Florida benefit concert. Because of his frequent bathroom breaks, he apparently doesn't pick up on the pair's off-camera bickering animosity ("I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida"). Colin is a chair referee for a UPRF celebrity pro am tennis tournment doubles match (featuring Hannah Montana and Guillermo Montoya against Dakota Fanning and Andy Roddick) which is interrupted by an erupting feud between Lola Luftnagle and Mike Standley III in the stands. ("Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting"). While hosting a telethon for the UPRF, he once again misses the catty sparring of adjacent telephone volunteers, Hannah and Mikayla. ("That's What Friends Are For?"). After Hannah Montana and her current "boyfriend" Austin Rain sing their duet, "Us Isn't Us Without You", on "The Real Deal", she promptly confesses that the romance is a publicity stunt to sell records. Colin admits to being "horrified" by her revelation ("Cheat It"). He does not seem to like Miley as much as he loved Hannah ("Kiss It All Goodbye").


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