Been Here All Along
Season 4, Episode 6
Been Here All Along
Air Date August 22, 2010
Guest cast
Previous It's the End of the Jake As We Know it
Next Love That Lets Go

This is the 91st episode of Hannah Montana and 6th episode of Hannah Montana's fourth season.


Miley cancels a special father-daughter afternoon with Robbie Ray to go out on a first date with Jesse. During the date, she is upset when Jesse answers a phone call from his father because she blew off her father to spend time with him, but Jesse tells her that his dad is stationed in Afghanistan and they hardly ever get to talk.

Miley then realizes how fortunate she is to still have her dad and goes home to apologize and tells him that she's grateful to have him.

As Hannah Montana, Miley decides to hold a concert in honor of those in the military and their families who don't have the fortune of having them home.





  • Miley realizes that Jake was not the man she thought could be the one, as she finally realizes she made a huge mistake choosing Jake she decides to get more acquainted with Jesse.

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