Mr. Dontzig

Albert Dontzig (Has been played by both Paul and Peter Vogt) The Stewart's wealthy, heavyset, and obnoxious Malibu neighbor. He has formed ongoing feuds with both Robby Ray and Jackson, but curiously, never been seen interacting with Miley.



He has a wife, a young niece named Patty (Savannah Stehlin), a (possibly twin) sister Donna (Peter Vogt), and a female cousin, Francesca (Lisa Rinna). The latter two both have crushes on former country music star Robby Ray "The Honkytonk Hearthrob," whom Dontzig knows is really his neighbor, Robby Ray Stewart. This implies that he should realize that Hannah Montana, the publicly acknowledged daughter of Robby Ray, is really Miley Stewart. The ramifications of this possible knowledge has not been explored.


A robed Dontzig first appears complaining about the leaves from the Stewart property which have been accumulating in his hot tub. Spotting Jackson's new car, he notes that his wife once drove the same model, but traded it in, as being "too girly" ("Miley Get Your Gum"). When the barking of his dog, Oscar, keeps Robby Ray from concentrating on his songwriting, Dontzig and the Stewart males engage in a war of wits for which Jackson is woefully unarmed. Later, as Robby Ray finishes his Hannah song, "If We Were A Movie," well within hearing range, Jackson (dressed as a fancy waiter) serves Dontzig and Oscar steaks ("The Idol Side of Me"). Feigning sickness, he foists his bratty niece, Patty, on the Stewart siblings for a day ("Bad Moose Rising"). On Halloween, he goads the Stewart men into overdoing scary Halloween decorations for their home, causing the rest of the neighborhood to complain. Robby Ray gets even by sending "Mister Happy Pumpkin Man" an overflow of Trick-or-Treaters, causing Dontzig to run for his life. He is further traumatized the next morning by meeting Bobby Ray, Robby Ray's twin, but not before absconding with the Stewart's leftover candy ("Torn Between Two Hannahs"). Two years later, at Christmas, Jackson needs a strong letter of recommendation to get into his college of choice, Santa Barbara State, so he turns to one of its most generous influential alumni--Albert Dontzig. Dontzig agrees to the deal, but only if Robby Ray will entertain his sister, Donna, an ardent fan of the "Honkytonk Hearthrob" on a date. Jackson's father accepts the terms, but learns to his horror that Albert and Donna look exactly alike. Not wishing that fate for his Dad, Jackson tears up the letter. Dontzig offers to give the Stewarts a secong chance, if Robby agrees to meet his cousin--also a huge Robby Ray fan--which Jackson instantly refuses. Although Robby Ray is proud of his son, he, unfortunately, never gets to discover that Francesca ultimately turns out to be a very attractive woman ("Killing Me Softly With His Height").


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