{{Character_Template|title1 = Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana|gender: = Female|eye_color: = Blue|portrayer: = Miley Cyrus|image1 =


Hannah Pic 2

|birthday: = April 14, 1992|age: = 14-15 (season 1)
15-16 (season 2)
16-17 (season 3)
17-18 (season 4)|height: = 5'4|occupation(s): = Student, Pop singer, Actress|aliases: = Hannah Montana|family: = Robbie Ray Stewart (Father)
Jackson Stewart (Older brother)|Friends: = Lilly Truscott (Best friend) Oliver Oken (Close friend) Jesse (Boyfriend)

Miley Stewart is an ordinary girl for some people but out of school she is a world superstar known as Hannah Montana

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